Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Shampoo Lounge

My Mum and I treated ourselves to a bit of pampering last month by heading to The Shampoo Lounge in Seminyak. A few friends had raved about it so we decided to give it a go. In Bali, you can head to almost any spa for a hair treatment and cut but there's always the question of what kind of products they use and whether the staff are properly trained. I've heard some stories about people that have been left very unhappy with their hair after having it done and it makes it easy to vow to never have your hair done in Bali. The fact is that loads of people get their hair done in Bali all the time because it's so much cheaper than having it done in Australia and if you know where to go, you should have no reason to worry.

I always trust the word of people that have been to Bali times before and know their stuff so Mum and I were excited to head to The Shampoo Lounge for a "Sexy Summer Hair" package that included a wash, treatment, cut and blow dry for the price of 550,000 Rupiah (about $55 AUS). We would probably pay double that in Australia!

The Shampoo Lounge is located in Seminyak at the North end of Seminyak Road. They offer not just hair salon treatments but spa treatments and also have an old-school barber corner just for the guys. Although it's expensive by Bali standards, it well worth having the peace of mind knowing that they use high quality products and have staff that actually know what their doing. Their packages are really well priced so it's worth checking them out! The place is very clean, has proper salon equipment and furniture and has a funky vibe to it. The staff are friendly and professional and although there was a bit of a miscommunication with our booking, they sorted it out and began our pampering as soon as they could. They were very apologetic for this and it had no effect on our visit what so ever.

Mum and I were both really happy with our end results. Our hair was nicely cut (we just got trims) and beautifully blow dried; it's a shame that lovely hair never lasts in Bali because of the humidity because we would have loved to strut around for the rest of the day with our freshly blow dried hair. If I was staying in the area, I'd definitely return and I'd quite happily get my hair cut there again. I probably wouldn't bother having another massage here. Although it was good, there was a bit of chatter between staff members and the music from outside the massage room was quite loud and drifted in over the relaxing music. These are the only small complaints I have about my visit.

So if you're looking for a nice salon to get your hair done at in Bali, I recommend The Shampoo Lounge. You can visit with the confidence that you'll be in the hands of properly trained staff, in a nice clean facility. You can visit their website here to check out what they offer (from hair, to nails, massages and make-up) and make a booking. Enjoy!

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